NORCAN aluminium profile system

The NORCAN aluminium profile system was originally designed to meet the needs of machinery and equipment structures, but it has since been developed into a highly versatile system suitable for the manufacturing all kinds of aluminium structures.

The system is environmentally friendly and the complete structures can be easily adapted or reused in different projects. The NORCAN profile system includes 60 profiles and over 1000 additional components.

Thanks to the innovative design of the profiles, basic joints can be created affordably using M8 standard screws, whilst the huge range of components also facilitates solutions for more specialised requirements.

Aluminium profiles are available with closed or open mounting grooves. All components and profiles are compatible with one another, allowing us to flexibly manufacture aluminium structures for all industries.

We deliver all NORCAN aluminium profiles and components directly from our warehouse in large or small shipments, sawn to size or fully assembled.


The NORCAN profile system can be used to build machinery framework, protective structures, carts and wagons, workstation elements, advertising frames and any number of other, more specific structures. Imagination is the only limit.


The design of the NORCAN profile system is key as it facilitates the use of affordable M8 nuts and bolts in joints.

Assembly is easy, with only an Allen key required to fit joints and components together. By using adjustable specialist fastenings, joints can be created with no need for machine working.

NORCAN profiles’ mounting grooves are designed to have cross sections that are as compact as possible (a width of 13.5 mm is suitable for 13 mm nuts and screw heads). This means that the forces between the fastening elements are directed towards the core of the profile via the shortest possible route. The joints provide excellent strength and rigidity.

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