Profican Oy is a service-orientated supplier of profiles

Profile deliveries and comprehensive partnership

Profican shares its profile system expertise and multi-sectoral experience for the benefit of its customers. The company is often involved in its customers’ development processes from a very early stage, allowing it to grow to take account of the customer’s needs. This allows us to develop a perfectly adapted combined profile structure and service entity.

The structure created as a result of the development work could be a frame, protective structure or complete device designed for the customer’s product. Using the NORCAN profile system, we can manufacture product ranges with varying measurements or different versions, whilst still maintaining a uniform appearance, without major initial investment.

By combining the customer’s knowledge of their own processes and Profican’s expertise in profile and equipment construction, excellent results can be achieved in a wide range of industries.

Service diversity

Profican operates as a factory representative and stores all NORCAN aluminium profiles and components in its own warehouse in Kalajoki. Our aluminium profiles are stored in six-metre lengths in our warehouse, and can either be delivered in this form or cut according to the measurements set out in the customer’s cut list. Any necessary drilling or threading can also be carried out on the cut profiles, to ensure that all the customer needs to do is assemble the parts.

The delivery can be added to or expanded to suit the customer’s needs. The structure can, for example, be delivered as a pre-assembled and equipped framework. The option of adding mechanical and automation elements to the assembled framework means that the final product delivered to the customer can be anything from parts to a complete machine or device.

Profican Oy is a service-orientated supplier of profiles


- Cutting of profiles to length
- Drilling and milling of profiles
- Threading holes
- Assembly of profile structures

Mechanical, electrical and automation design for the equipment we deliver.

Design software


- 3D, SolidWorks
- Vertex


- CADS Planner pro